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For those of you that aren’t on Facebook, and didn’t see my daily word count, I am happy to announce that I won the Nanowrimo challenge and finished a 50,000 word book in November. 


I had some dark days and days when I was really looking forward to the end of November, but, for the most part, it was a really good experience. I challenged myself and met that challenge, and that always feels good. I also learned about my writing style and added some new skills to my writing repertoire.


I am proud of myself, because writing every single day for a month isn’t easy. But I am even more proud of my daughter and husband.

Z also participated in Nanowrimo, the junior version. She gave herself a VERY lofty word goal of 20,000 words and she won her challenge too! With a couple days to spare. I am crazy impressed. I am impressed with how much she wrote but also with her determination, which got her sitting in front of her computer, day after day and night after night, to get her story done. Congrats Z!

My husband had his own challenge for November. It was to write and produce 4 songs in 4 weeks. This is a Spin Tunes challenge. The first one was Write a Happy Song about Death. Brian’s answer to that was Hello World!, a “death takes a holiday” song. This is a fun song that makes me want to drink a margarita on the beach.

His second song challenge, News to Me, was about a topical news story. B thinks it is debatable whether he fulfilled the actual requirement of the challenge, but I think he totally delivered.

Clubbin Tonight is B’s first attempt at a rap. And I think it is pretty hilarious. It almost works as one of the typical songs you’ll hear on the radio these day about going to clubs and dancing. But, if you actually listen to, or better yet, read the lyrics, you we see B put his usual funny twist on things.

Last song, and maybe my favorite, is a love song to Stephen King’s Christine, from an old beater. It is entitled, Christine. I love how poetic this song is and how heart-felt, even though it is written from the p.o.v. of a car.

To celebrate our awesomeness (I actually said that to the waiter) we went to dinner last night at Max Brenner. It was a real treat! (pun intended) All the food was good, some dishes, (B and I split 3 appetizers) were great. The presentation was amazing, I kind of felt like I was eating dinner at Willa Wonka’s Cafe, if there was such a thing. But it was also really classy, about a million miles away from something like Chuck E. Cheeses. Max Brenner is known for it’s chocolate and, since we were celebrating, we each ordered a dessert. Z got a chocolate pizza, B got fried banana fondue, and I got a chocolate heart cake with ice cream, berries and a shot of chocolate milk.

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It was a magical night, (we walked there, through Christmas Village, and under the lights) and a magical dinner to cap off our crazy November.


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