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New House Blues

So we are getting a new house (fingerscrossed), and we close in <three weeks. I am alternately very excited about our new house (especially the swimming pool) and also feeling resentful and stressed at it. Is that weird?

I just loved our last house. Loved, loved, loved it. For whatever reason, it just kind of fit me. It pleased me and I felt natural in it.

Our new house is pushing some buttons in me:

For awhile I was all “It’s too big! We are being greedy consumerists!”

Then I was all, “Who do I think I am? I don’t get to have a house with extra space and a pool.”

Then I was, “Am I going to turn into a Stepford Wife with matching non-IKEA furniture and a tennis bracelet?”

And of course I worry, “Does a  clean and updated house mean that I have to be clean and updated? Or can I still be a messy weirdo?”

My poor husband really doesn’t get it, he grew up in a clean updated house with clean updated parents. I come from a long line of messy weirdos. And Z is all “Pool! Pool! Pool! Pool! Pool!”

I do realize that the house is really NOT that fancy. It is not a mansion or even a McMansion. I also realize that I probably left therapy too soon if four bedrooms, some wainscoting, and powerflush toilets can trigger both my inferiority complex and my fear of being turned into a robot wife.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our really not very fancy and non-Stepfording (I hope) house.

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A plain











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